Freshman – Dorm Life

Your first year of housing as a freshman must be spent on campus.  Admissions and Campus Housing will provide you with the details of your housing and you will be presented with information regarding your dorm and your dorm mates.  Take the time to meet your dorm-mates. Express early on your moral values, and overall commitment to a successful college experience. Have regular dorm meetings with your dorm leader and dorm-mates. 

Address issues in a calm, respectful, and kind manner.  If you feel uncomfortable with disrespectful behavior, drug use, and/or the use of other control substances in your dorm room, let your dorm monitor know.  Never feel uncomfortable discussing this with your parents.  Feelings of isolation are sometimes experienced, but in the end you will receive the respect and peace that you need to thrive in your education.  Bullying by any measure is wrong and should not be tolerated. 

Always be courteous, considerate, kind, and seek each other’s best interest.  Be careful and avoid late night parties, drinking, drugs, and having inappropriate guests in your dorm.  Remember your reputation is yours to be treasured and respected! Make wise choices.  

Sophomore and above dorm life

You have made through your Freshman year! Wow! You have learned the do’s and don’ts of dorm life. You are not required to live on campus, however, I recommend that you do your best to live on campus. Your financial aid, may not cover off-campus housing. You will have to check with the Financial Aid department for housing requirements

Campus Life
You will meet many students and staff. Be sure to develop professional and respectful relationships! Networking is great. Attend campus events that are positive and geared towards your success!