Join as many GroupMe chats as you can. I found my NBCUniversal internship through a random GroupMe.  One day only 5 people showed up and I was interviewed the next day on campus. That was the year before the university had Handshake. Using your Howard email you are able to have access to internships, full-time positions and the career fairs being held on campus in and throughout out the DC area.

Should I pursue an internship after my first year of college?

Internships should be sought after no later than your Sophomore year of college.

How do I find internship opportunities?

Many companies list college internship opportunities on their ‘Career’ page of their company’s website.  I highly recommend that you attend on campus career fairs in addition to using ‘Google’ to search online for internships in your major.

What should I bring to the career fair?

What you’ll need bring and know:

  • Resume
  • Reference letters
  • Cover sheet
  • Your business card (Should provide your name, contact information, and college major)
  • Obtain a business card from the company job recruiter
  • Update your LinkedIn account
  • Connect with the company job recruiter on LinkedIn
  • Email the recruiter and express your interest in the internship opporunity
  • Understand that an internship is a means to familiarize yourself with the company and the position that you are applying for, usually aligns with your college major
  • Make every effort to seek employment with the company before you conclude your internship
  • Take advantage of interviewing workshops in your course of study at Howard University