Complete your Federal Student Aid on time. Start immediately once you have decided that Howard will be your school of choice

While in my senior year of high school, I learned the discipline of applying for scholarships, writing essays, and maintaining great relationships with my professors, community leaders, and my pastor to ensure that I would have great letters of recommendations for scholarships. You can apply and receive scholarships throughout your college tenure.

When you apply for Federal Financial Aid, it is important to note that you may not receive enough federal aid to cover the cost of your tuition. Your parent contribution may be quite high. You and your parents may be faced with student and parent loans. Avoid loans if you can and focus on scholarships and grants. They will most likely require that you keep your GPA at a certain level to main the scholarship .

FAFSA – Federal Financial Aid – Getting started with support for your college tuition

Howard University Financial Aid
Visit Howard’s Financial Aid department and apply for grants


The scholarship application process is sometimes long and tedious, but in it is better to have a scholarship to fund your dream instead of a loan. Remember to thank the scholarship award committee with a formal thank you hand-written letter. Be prepared to attend a possible scholarship award ceremony. Be polite, gracious, and grateful.